Another Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
I happened to visit Wichita Transit last week and noticed a brochure entitled “Carpool.” What a great way to reduce one’s carbon footprint! What a great way for a business to reduce its carbon footprint – by offering incentives for its employees to carpool. Click here for information about the Wichita Transit Rideshare program. A computer program will match commuters by location and work days and times. The Carpool brochure includes useful tips about setting appropriate ground rules. I have heard a few horror stories (from another city) about wild carpool drivers making passengers so sick that they quit the carpool and returned to solo commuting. Hopefully the ground rules will help create a more harmonious rideshare experience. Here are the ground rules from the Wichita Transit brochure:


  1. Decide on a schedule and exchange phone numbers with the other members of the carpool.
  2. Decide on a specific pickup location(s) and pick-up time(s). Plan the route.
  3. Come to an agreement (possibly a contract) regarding smoking ,eating, drinking ,safety, radio/music choice, vehicle maintenance, bad weather, and reasonable wait time
  4. Share the driving responsibilities. Make a schedule. Does each member have a car? Will they drive their own car? What is the fee for a member who does not have a car?
Click here for the carpool application form.