Green Biz Wichita Membership

Why Join?


Membership Benefits:


By joining Green Biz Wichita, individual and organization members have access to:

  • Tools to incorporate environmental responsibility in your business brand to showcase your leadership to relevant stakeholders
  • A public affiliation with other leading individuals and businesses that do work in Wichita that are also concerned with the environmental impacts of business
  • Green Biz Wichita evaluations and assessments for year-to-year tracking and verification of sustainability efforts and effort success
  • Collaboration opportunities with fellow Green Biz Wichita members, partners and experts
  • Opportunities to showcase sustainability efforts and involvement for recruitment and retention of professional talent, clients and business partners that seek to align with green organizations
  • Green Biz Wichita web site and annual membership directory listings as well as inclusion in all appropriate group communication efforts
  • Available seats on one of the organization's five working committees (membership, education, advocacy, collaboration and extension)
  • An opportunity to select and celebrate a "Green Steward" within your organization to champion internal sustainability and green efforts and to serve as your surrogate within the Green Biz Wichita organization
  • The Green Biz Wichita logo and collateral materials for internal and external leverage in business locations, on business web sites and other business system materials and communications
  • Opportunities to communicate with greater Wichita business community through Green Biz Wichita channels (e-mail, Web site, social networking, etc.)
  • Advance invitation to and reduced costs for all Green Biz Wichita events
  • Inclusion in tests, focus groups and other exploratory and research efforts to discover, profile and showcase sustainability leadership locally and access to resulting data


Membership Levels:


To best serve individuals, companies and professional groups that do business in and around Wichita, Green Biz Wichita offers various levels of membership:

It is the intention of Green Biz Wichita to work, as needed, with individuals and organizations to ensure access to the organization to all those who seek it.


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