Green Biz Wichita Organization

Green Biz Wichita has six active committees that oversee the organization and its efforts. Five of the teams are identified as "working" teams and the sixth team, the executive team, oversees the organization as a whole. 

MEMBERSHIP: Team members will help to grow and develop the member list, organize membership-recruiting activities, serve as the face of the organization for recruiting and help ensure long-term success of the organization by ensuring a membership pipeline. Chair: Currently Open

EDUCATION: Team members will ensure forward thinking on the part of the organization. The education group will be in charge of gathering information for the group, arranging for research, seminars, speakers and internal learning and will support the collaboration, membership, extension and positioning teams in making sure that educational materials and events are shared with the larger community, as appropriate. Chair: Steve Hermann (, Kennedy and Coe. 

ADVOCACY: Team members will serve as an extension of the organization to partner and work with local, regional, state and national politicians, appointed officials and governmental leaders to develop policy, showcase organizational efforts and help to ensure the local business community is fairly represented for its efforts. Chair: Currently Open

PROGRAMS: Team members will act as liaisons to non-member businesses, educational institutions, professional organizations and other local, regional and national influencers to provide content, direction and third-party validation and guidance for organizational efforts and activities. Chair: Currently Open

MARKETING: Team members will handle public and community relations, marketing efforts and general communication about the organization, its activities and direction. Extension will work very closely with all other teams to help increase general awareness for the organization's other specific initiatives and undertakings. Chair: Mark Chamberlin (, Armstrong Chamberlin.

EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The executive team, made up of working team chairs and additional individuals chosen by the Green Biz Wichita board, will decide and govern the direction for the organization, oversee formulation and implementation of rules and bylaws and handle administrative duties associated with the coalition. Chair: Dixie Larson (, Kennedy and Coe. 

Requirements for Board Consideration:

  • Individual or organization in good Platinum member status
  • Individual "steward" for organization active with at least one of the organization's working teams
  • "Steward" available to attend regular working team meetings
  • Same "steward" available to attend quarterly meetings on behalf of organization